Apr 2013 Downloads. What should churches’ and seminaries’ basic purpose be? What distinguishes church from other community-service groups? Read/download 4-2013 Connections >

Mar 2013 Connections. Many activities presented by public schools and governments violate the religious freedom that the U.S. Constitution guarantees. Read/download 3-2013 Connections >

Feb 2013 Connections. Many public-school Bible courses are biased, inaccurate, and in violation of the religious freedom the U.S. Constitution guarantees. Read/download 2-2013 Connections >

Jan 2013 Connections. What’s required for being a Christian? Beliefs, behaviors, good intentions, or something else? Read/download 1-2013 Connections >

Nov 2012 Connections. Choosing to follow Jesus instead of our ancestors is urgent. Yesterday’s ways turn off many people. Read/download 11-2012 Connections

Oct 2012 Connections. Christians who feel a strong need for church change often feel alone in their home churches and communities. Read/download 10-2012 Connections >

Sept 2012 Connections. Churches that are like beacons in their communities. Read/download 9-2012 Connections >

Aug 2012 Connections. 2 topics: I’m not a guy; and how to respond to someone in crisis without referring to a Santa-Claus-like God. Read/download 8-2012 Connections >

July 2012 Connections. Emphasizing belief instead of Jesus-like behavior produces bad public policy, violence, hatred, and rage. Robin Meyers sees the church silencing Jesus. Read/download 7-2012 Connections >