Dec 1995 Connections. Some Christians consider all feminists dangerous heretics. Based on what I read in the Bible, however, I believe that much of what Christian feminists are saying is similar to what Jesus said and did. We need… Continue reading

Aug 1995 Connections. Although I’ve been an active churchgoer all my life, I haven’t always been sure what to believe about Jesus. Some of what I hear other Christians say about Jesus gives a picture of him that has… Continue reading

Sep 1993 Connections. In the church, we often give the false impression that being a good Christian is possible only for people who aren’t actively involved in the real world. One way we do this is by portraying silence,… Continue reading

Nov 1992 Connections. Barbara begins sending a monthly letter to people who seem likely to care about the church, expressing her church-related concerns. Read/download 6-93 Connections >