Feb 2014 Connections. Reflections on whether church rules express God’s will, and on readers’ responses to the January 2014 Connections. Read/download 2-2014 Connections >

Jan 2014 Connections. Two disagreements within the UMC are in the secular news: can clergy perform same-sex marriages, and is online Communion permissible? To settle these, does the UMC need more rules or fewer? Both reflect major differences in beliefs… Continue reading

Dec 2013 Connections. Readers are heartbroken, saddened, and ashamed by my church’s actions, but thankful for my honesty, hope, courage, inspiration, and guiltless discussion. Read/download 12-2013 Connections >

Nov 2013 Connections. 21 years of writing Connections has shown me I’m not alone in my experiences and views, but my congregation now feels more like a wilderness than ever. Read/download 11-2013 Connections

Oct 2013 Connections. Many claims made by churches don’t match what is now known from other sources. Progressive views are too often kept secret, making churches unlikely to survive. Read/download 10-2013 Connections >

Sept 2013 Connections. Today’s focus on metrics can keep churches from focusing on purpose as much as they need to. And continuing to use ancient Christian words and metaphors can be harmful, especially to women. Read/download 9-2013 Connections >

Aug 2013 Connections. Being Christian doesn’t require always being “nice” or “sweet.” It often brings conflict, on the way to greater insight. Read/download 8-2013 Connections >

txlegJuly 2013 Connections. With one admirable exception, conservative Christians in the Texas Legislature often violate religious freedom with their sectarian invocations. Read/download 7-2013 Connections >

June 2013 Connections. Working with the poor, changing outdated beliefs, promoting justice: all are important for Christians. Read/download 6-2013 Connections >

May 2013 Connections. Churches’ failure to welcome honest questions and to provide reliable information and real dialogue  is turning off many of today’s younger people and some older ones. Read/download 5-2013 Connections >