Barbara’s Purpose and Journey

Barbara’s purpose and journey

Nov 2000 Connections. 

I’ve lived in very few places, but all my life I’ve traveled a lot. Some of my earliest memories are of my father poring over maps, planning our next summer vacation trip. He thought about it… Continue reading

Aug 2000 Connections. In sharing our spiritual family trees, members of my Sunday School class became closer to each other and more aware of how our faith has grown.* We learned some things about how faith matures. We became… Continue reading

July 2000 Connections. “Sharing our spiritual family trees is one of the best things we’ve ever done,” says a member of my Sunday School class. “I understand a lot more now, about who I’m with and why we each… Continue reading

Nov 1999 Connections. Hearing scriptures read that were favorites of the deceased at some recent funerals made me think about what my favorite scriptures were. Read/download 11-1999 Connections

Nov 1988 Connections. A birthday that I dread is coming next month. I’ll reach the traditional retirement age—Social Security age—and the closer that birthday gets, the more ominous it seems. It feels like being put on the down escalator… Continue reading