Life in the institutional church

Institutional Church

Sept 2008 Connections. Many Connections readers write about having disconnected from the church or at least feeling alone in it, because they find its literalism unbelievable. Read/download 9-2008 Connections >

Dec 2007 Connections. What seminaries should do. What do members expect? Can you help? Gifts that can make a difference. Revising our priorities.

Mar 2007 Connections. In Christianity for the Rest of Us: How the Neighborhood Church Is Transforming the Faith (HarperSan- Francisco, 2006), Diana Butler Bass reports on fifty thriving mainline Protestant congregations that are experiencing new vitality through innovative… Continue reading

Feb 2007 Connections. In a study of fifty thriving mainline Protestant congregations across the U.S., Diana Butler Bass, a scholar who studies American Protestantism, found these congregations experiencing new vitality through innovative use of traditional Christian practices. Read/download 2-2007 Connections

Jan 2007 Connections. As I write this it’s not yet Christmas and I’m wrapping gifts. The church is on my mind more than usual, and I’m thinking about it while I wrap. I see a lot of resemblance between… Continue reading

Sept 2006 Connections. Making disciples of Jesus Christ is officially the mission of the United Methodist Church. However, the Bible says a lot about making disciples and about being a disciple. Therefore many other Christians besides United Methodists also… Continue reading

Feb 2006 Connections. Many pastors avoid saying a lot of what they know about Christian history and the Bible’s origins. They try to justify their silence by saying they don’t want to destroy the faith people depend on, even… Continue reading

June 2005 Connections. The leadership of American religion is in the midst of a sea change, say James P. Wind and Gilbert R. Rendle, authors of a recent report published by the Alban Institute. We are in a time… Continue reading

Apr 2005 Connections. What makes a church effective? Last month I suggested that we should evaluate pastors on their effectiveness as leaders, not just on how well they love and serve church members. But pastors aren’t the only people… Continue reading

Nov 2004 Connections. The more I learn about the Bible and how it reached its present form, the more troubled I become by so many Christians’ insistence that the Bible’s words are all historical accounts, rules for all situations… Continue reading