Life in the institutional church

Institutional Church

Oct 2012 Connections. Christians who feel a strong need for church change often feel alone in their home churches and communities. Read/download 10-2012 Connections >

Sept 2012 Connections. Churches that are like beacons in their communities. Read/download 9-2012 Connections >

June 2012 Connections. Church members need to be made aware of what their churches’ decision-making bodies are doing and what condition their denominations are in. Read/download 6-2012 Connections >

May 2012 Connections. First United Methodist Church in Omaha, Nebraska, has outstanding progressive ministries. Download/read 5-2012 Connections >

April 2012 Connections. UMC and others need to recover strengths of the Methodist movement, rather than staying bureaucratic and top-down. 2012 General Conference was crucial. Read/download 4-2012 Connections >

Oct 2011 Connections. Church decision-makers and the members who elect them need to be well-informed about the issues they will vote on, but unfortunately many are not. Read/download 10-2011 Connections >

Sept 2011 Connections. Many Christians retreat into gated communities, and many churches exclude people, while claiming to follow Jesus, who ate with tax collectors and sinners. Read/download 9-2011 Connections >

Jan 2011 Connections. UMC pastor Adam Hamilton sees the church losing young people because of its theology and resulting attitudes and actions. Older people are also being lost. Read/download 1-2011 Connections >

June 2010 Connections. Should progressive Christians focus on the church or on injustice outside of it? What should unwanted church members do? What is progressive Christianity? Read/download 6-2010 Connections >

Mar 2010 Connections. Church-going Christian friends report varied reactions to their churches’ worship services: merely different strokes, or important differences in content? Read/download 3-2010 Connections >