Personal growth and change

May 2005 Connections. If you’ve been raised a Christian,” writes Episcopal clergywoman Cynthia Bourgeault, “chances are you’ve never heard of the Wisdom tradition.” Read/download 5-2005 Connections

Feb 2005 Connections. How do you define religion? Huston Smith, a lifelong Methodist and perhaps today’s leading authority on the world’s religions, says, “Religion is for me the search for the Real, and the effort to approximate one’s… Continue reading

Aug 2003 Connections. Several books I’ve read recently have made me think again—for the jillionth time, it seems, and undoubtedly not the last—about the need to keep maturing in faith. I like to read about other Christians’ spiritual journeys partly… Continue reading

Mar 2001 Connections. This month I’m writing about some books I’ve recently read and liked, which I think you might like too. They’re not all brand-new, and they’re a mixed bag with regard to styles and subjects, but I’ve… Continue reading

May 2000 Connections. To Quaker author Parker J. Palmer, following God’s call means letting your life say what God wants it to say. Palmer finds that we don’t always let that happen. “It is indeed possible,” he assures us… Continue reading

Dec 1999 Connections. How do you celebrate Christmas? How did your family celebrate it when you were growing up? Read/download 12-1999 Connections

Sep 1993 Connections. In the church, we often give the false impression that being a good Christian is possible only for people who aren’t actively involved in the real world. One way we do this is by portraying silence,… Continue reading