Christian Discipleship and Church Purpose

Christian discipleship and church purpose

Nov 2011 Connections. Jesus’s teaching moves us into need. It requires real self-expenditure. Love is not just letting go of our leftovers or our excess. Read/download 11-2011 Connections >

July 2011 Connections. Fundamentalism arose in the early 1900s to combat modern knowledge based on scientific evidence. It opposes religious freedom. Read/download 7-2011 Connections >

June 2011 Connections. Emphasis on purpose makes many members feel like they’re in a wilderness, finds consultant Gil Rendle. But change in content, not just methods, is needed. Read/download the June issue. Read/download 6-2011 Connections >

Sept 2010 Connections. Christians’ behavior and claims that turn us off are often a distortion of real Christianity. UMC pastor William Holmes calls for mature Christianity. Read/download 9-2010 Connections >

May 2010 Connections. Many Christians have misleading impressions of faith. Questioning official church doctrines can promote the kind of faith that the New Testament describes. Read/download 5-2010 Connections >

May 2009 Connections. A guest author, central Texas United Methodist laywoman Julie Fuschak, tells how curiosity has motivated her spiritual journey. Curiosity is a favorite word of mine. Curiosity can lead to questions, which can lead to research… Continue reading

Jan 2009 Connections. Most Christians read the Bible selectively, emphasizing only the comforting verses and ignoring those that make us uncomfortable.

Rereading the Christmas story in the gospel of Luke last month reminded me of how selective many of… Continue reading

Nov 2008 Connections. Mississippi guest author Don Manning Miller tells how seeing that the racially segregated way of life was incompatible with the gospel changed his life.  As a young preacher over in Union County in the mid-sixties,… Continue reading

Oct 2008 Connections. United Methodist pastor D. L. Dykes Jr. actively and bravely promoted progressive Christianity. The foundation headed by his son continues that tradition. Download/read 10-2008 Connections

Jan 2008 Connections. On his 2006 walk from Phoenix to Washington DC, UCC pastor Eric Elnes found thousands of spiritually homeless people in all kinds of places. Read/download 1-2008 Connections >